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    JOST DCA L7 brake

    Additional 24kg in weight savings - Brake even more efficiently

    JOST has made the lightest axle of its class even lighter. The new JOST DCA L7 brake can ensure other 24kg per three-axle unit.

    The new DCA L7 brake was developed in collaboration with the Haldex company. In addition to the weight savings, 22.5“ brake offers optimum protection against corrosion as well as the familiar ease of maintenance. An optional brake wear indicator can be easily retrofitted.

    The DCA L7 brake can be ordered as of now. Naturally the previous range of brakes continues to be available to you. 

    Should you have any questions, please contact our internal sales department in Kassel-Calden or your direct sales contact.

    JOST Achsen Systeme GmbH
    34379 Kassel-Calden
    Flugplatz 18
    T: +49 (0) 5674 9237-0
    F: +49 (0) 5674 9237-480


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    Newest Edbro cylinder increases tipping speeds for 4x2 trucks

    Specifying a tipping cylinder for a smaller vehicle requires a fine balance between fast operation and reliability. To help with the task, JOST World has released a new Edbro cylinder which is targeted at 7.5 – 10 tonne trucks. The CS7 / CX7 cylinders use modern sealing and manufacturing techniques to improve reliability and increase lifting and lowering speeds. The range shares design characteristics with larger Edbro cylinders which are proven to be the most reliable on the market.

    Read more [pdf]

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    Welcome to JOST GB

    Trust the market leader: With the strong brands JOST, ROCKINGER, TRIDEC and Edbro we are the leading manufacturer of vehicle connection components.